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If you are searching for a home inspector that will give you the best representation, you have found him. I am your professional---hired by you--to search and find defects, or areas of concern, and to help you determine the condition of the home or building.

ProSource Professional Inspection Systems is not a multi-inspector company, it is a family business. Chuck Riforgiate is the business owner and the inspector, and has a vested interest in seeing that you, the client is completely satisfied.

Choosing the right inspector could mean the difference between finding hundreds or thousands of dollars in problems-- or not finding them at all. What should you look for? What type of skills or credentials are required? The Inspector's skills and credentials are extremely important. The training of an inspector and the subsequent licensing is very important, but it does NOT guarantee a thorough inspection. The Inspector's experience and his ability to find defects are the most important criteria. No matter the experience or the training, the inspector must be able to find the defects.

Chuck's 40 years of experience and a professional background directly invloved in the residential, commercial, and industrial construction sectors, as well as the restoration industry, is what sets a ProSource inspection above the competition. In short, at ProSource we understand how buildings are put together; we know the materials and methods used.

Choosing an inspector to represent you should be as important as choosing the best interest rate for your mortgage. If you choose wisely, you can save some money. My experience and ability to represent you has been tried and tested for more than 16 years. I have seen and inspected more than 5000 homes and buildings and I am extremely keen to identifying problems or safety issues throughout the home or building. 

The spectrum of my professional experience covers the following:

    Custom & Semi-Custom Home Building
    Carpenter & General Contractor
    Master Code Professional
    Certified Fire Investigator
    Home Energy Reviews
    Certified Fire Marshal
    Building & Fire Code Consultant
    Certified Illinois Public School Inspector

Put my experience and skill to work for you. You deserve to be adequately informed by a knowledgeable professional.

Experience The Difference Commitment Makes!



Licensed Home Inspector #450.000433

Certified Commercial Property Inspector

Investment Properties are our specialty!

Proudly serving Chicagoland and suburbs for over 16 Years

ProSource Professional Inspection Systems

Hinckley, IL. 60520

Experience the Difference Commitment Makes !

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