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                                                                                                 BIG MISTAKE...
Buying Real Estate is a major decision and careful thought should be given to choosing an inspector. Any reputable inspector will welcome your questions and want you to be completely comfortable with his qualifications. Don't hesitate to check an inspectors credentials. Ask about his specific education and experience related to building construction, renovation and maintenance. 
Although education and experience varies greatly among inspectors, their fees tend to be in the same "ballpark." The report is a professional opinion based upon the experience and education of the individual actually performing the inspection. 
Since inspector qualifications are so diverse, hiring the "cheapest" inspector is not as economical as it may first appear. As a matter of fact, a poor inspection may cost you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars more than you really think you are saving, as well as many sleepless nights and headaches.
The end product of a home inspection is the Inspection Report. The Report is a key component of a successful home inspection. I invest 5 to 6 hours inspecting the home, reviewing my findings with my clients, and then developing a professional inspection report complete with digital photos and narratives.
Choosing the right inspector should be based on their qualifications, experience and most of all how comfortable you feel with the inspector.  These criteria are far more important than a small difference in a few inspectors’ prices.
The cost of your home inspection will vary, based upon several factors. We price each home inspection on an individual basis. To get a price quote, please make note of the following features about the home:

1.    Square footage of the home

2.    Age of the home

3.    Type of foundation (slab, basement, crawlspace)

4.    Overall condition of the home

Generally, the inspection fee is less the 1/4% of the value of the home, compare a home inspection fee to a REALTOR fee of 5% to 6%. I know how much time it takes to complete a great inspection. We all know you really do get what you pay for. If you are looking for the BEST home inspection service you can find, I will be happy to serve you.

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